interview with faydee

Faydee we welcome you to GetGreekMusic! First of all are you listening to Greek Music?

My favourite is Yanni! I grew up listening to him

How did you get involved with the music?

I knew I wanted to write and record music when I turned 13 and used to do it for fun with my cousins. I enjoyed it so much, I told my mum that this was what I wanted to do for a career. She didn’t believe me!

Your first big hit in Greece was “Laugh Till You Cry” and the Shazam was on fire! Did you expecting this success?

Not at all, I had released this song for my fans not for radio. It was amazing how well it was received around the world and it naturally just became one of my biggest songs.

The collaboration was with Claydee on “Who”. How did it come? Your names look the same and I know that you were doing humor with this coincidence.

Claydee had called me in the studio and we spoke on Twitter. We joked about our names being similar and as soon as we got in the studio, the music came together easy.

The next collaboration that you wanted to do with a Greek male or female artist is?

I don’t have anyone in mind at the moment. But It’s always great collaborating with different artists because you never know what’s going to come! 


What is the thing that you remember most from your first visit in Greece in 2014?

The fans waiting at the airport! And the souvlaki!

In Greece a few months ago we had a serious suicide incident due to bullying. I know that you were the ambassador of “Bully Free Australia Foundation” in Australia and your song “Unbreakable” was about the bullying. Why you intended to base the fight against bullying?

It happens to me it happens to most people at one point of their lives. Some of my fans were messaging me asking me what they should do when they are getting bullied. I just felt it was my duty to do something to help create awareness about anti-bullying and how to tackle it.

I know that you write songs as well. If you had a chance, to whom (artist) you would like to give one of your songs?

I love to write songs. I would love to write a song for Ellie Goulding.

What do you think makes you stand out and be popular?

I write songs and melodies in ways that I feel maybe only makes sense coming from me. I try to stay true to my sound as much as possible while trying new things along the way. But I never forget why my fans love my music. This helps

The last months the track “I Need Your Love” is going very well in Greece and has a lot of airplay and actually I saw that you posted a video on Facebook from our Colour Day Festival, where the people was dancing your song. How was the feeling when you saw this video?

It was amazing! There were so many people they looked like ants! I was so proud of that moment!

This year you came for the first time on MAD VMA. How do you feel about this performance?

The performance was amazing. I had fun on stage with the Claydee and the rest of the talented artists. It was amazing singing the songs and the fans were singing along.

faydee ggm interview

How important do you think is the look for an artist?

It’s important, because being an artist is also a brand.

What was the most critical moment of your career so far?

One of the most critical was charting on the top 100 billboard US charts with “I Need Your Love”.

Is there a collaboration that you are dreaming of?

Ellie Goulding and Kygo.

What are your next plans after your performance on MAD Awards?

I headed back to Sydney to visit my family and catch up with my fans for a couple weeks and then I’m back to the studio and working on my next European tour.

Send a message to your Greek fans.

I love you guys so much! You always bring such an amazing energy everytime I come through. Thank you always making me smile. S’agapo!

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Listen to Faydee’s brand new single “Lullaby”.